Technical Fabrication & Build

  • Physically interpreting the vision into something tangible
  • Taking the concept to the next stage
  • Making the vision a reality

The initial creative stages of conceptualising and defining your ideas have created a solid foundation for us to build on. The idea is finalised, and the plans have been laid out. Now we can use our catalogue of digital equipment and push the talents of our designers to see just how far we can stretch the concept. This stage of event curation is so exciting!

During this key phase of fabrication and build, we are so close to delivering your experience as a realised vision.

Your project ambitions become more than just stagnant 2D sketches or a digital 3D CAD dream. When building your idea into physical products that are to be heard, touched and seen, they come to life as incremental steps towards the complete vision.

During this penultimate stage, we continue to work with you to ensure each component is crafted to deliver the harmonious experience your brand deserves. Once all the elements are complete, we progress into the final phase – installation.