Spanning the void between the creative design and engineering thought processes.

Spacecraft aims to bridge the gap between creative design and technical delivery in a professional and visual manner. We began with a vision to integrate disciplines that often struggle to understand one another. Our mission: to provide our clients with beautifully creative solutions that are carefully considered from conception to creation.

We go beyond just providing you with pretty pictures. We deliver accurate, real-life visual designs of how an end product will look as though you are standing in front of it.

We deliver creative experiential installations that are achievable from the get-go, priding ourselves on presenting realistic yet extensively creative conceptual designs that are physically attainable.


We stand for quality workmanship that pushes creative boundaries, focusing on defining ourselves by the quality of work.

We don’t believe in making false promises and wasting time being restricted by technicalities. From the outset, we’ll let you know what is and isn’t realistically attainable within the scope of your project. We’re transparent with our thoughts and design processes and pride ourselves on the quality of our finished products.

We also believe that it’s important to have fun during the process. We enjoy what we do and have fun doing it, whilst providing you a professional and calculated service.

Spacecraft appreciate that our industry often does not focus on delivering sustainably sourced products. We believe it’s essential to adopt a positive attitude toward the environmental impact of our projects. We always aim to source materials and engage in processes that are less impactful and harmful to the environment.