Production & Installation

  • Physical sound and light
  • Installation of sets
  • AV kit and installation
  • On-site crew and management

As we begin the installation of your project, you’ll soon see the event space transform. Our technical builds and creative design are perfectly paired with world class production to resurrect your imaginings.

During your build, no matter the size, dedicated on-site crew and management will handle the operation and technology behind-the-scenes – leaving you free to focus on representing your brand and communicating with your audience.

Throughout your project installation, the most up-to-date protocols are followed to ensure your safety, our safety, and the safety of your visiting audience.

At Spacecraft, our duty of service is not just to your brand, but to each visitor who enters your experience. Our aim is for your audience to create a digital legacy for your project.

Our concepts are created to encourage social media sharing and interaction, giving your brand a digital boost. After the stage is deconstructed, and the equipment safely stowed away, your brand growth will continue long beyond the project we built together.